Ta Mère and mobile development, a love story

Whatever the system, whatever the format, the mobile world is moving. Ta Mère listens, proposes, develops and live mobile. A little gumption goes a long way!

Ta Mère helps you to reach your goals. Or even clarifies your goals. Your project will be challenged by our team. If you only need an executor you'd better go elsewhere.

Mobile Strategy

Ta Mère listens your ideas and transform them into actionable steps in a mobile and connected world. Every project is different and let's face it, you don't want to build a Facebook or Ebay clone.

Business intelligence

Ta Mère stays awake and follows the news on the macro level to have 10,000ft overview and evolution of the mobile market and on the micro level to have the know-how to develop apps and information systems.

Mobile development

Ta Mère has the technical know-how to build your Android or iOS native apps. She's also a great backend builder. She can manage the deployment to the Store and can monitor the performance of the app once it's in the hand of the users.

Project takeover

Your technical team is a bit short on time or needs some help? Your previous contractor left or dropped the project? You coded the app yourself and ended up in a terrible mess? In every case, Ta Mère can assess the technical debt of your project and can propose some help to get back on track.